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Our Pride and Joy

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UNCERTAIN minigame

January 9th, 2018 - 3D Top-Down, Horror

In UNCERTAIN you play as a cuboid spirit that has lost its soul. You are a vessel for the being that once was. In order to become whole again, you must traverse a dark museum, and search for the vibes to restore your former self. Use your mouse as a guiding light, and avoid the other spirits that want to end you, all while trying to collect the vibes necessary before it's too late.

Currently unavailable

Obsolete Souls™

September 29th, 2018 - Turn Based RPG

The Hip Hop Rpg! Join an unfortunate cast of characters in this story of fate, and purpose. Upon being forced into a journey to save the planet, they realize that saving their planet isn't enough.

Their entire universe is in danger. Play through the hardships that these characters face as they deal with discrimination, failure, and regret, as they attempt to focus on saving their home from the gods of the past. Obsolete Souls is sure to please fans of old school role-playing games!

As celebration for Dennel Cake's first big release, we've made Obsolete Souls free to play!

Wonder Spectrum™

(On Hiatus) - 2D Action Platformer

Deep in the universe is a planet called "Pryzma", that is orbited by vibrant, colorful moons. This beautiful planet's inhabitants survive off of the colors that radiate around them, and live peacefully. Well, that was until an organization called the "Gray Reflection" found a way to convert color saturation into power! The people of Pryzma are dying without their color, and there are only a few people left that have yet to be grayed out. Leap into a world stripped of color as Hue Rainbow, in an attempt to bring color back to Pryzma!

Episode 0 Splash Artwork.png

Obsolete Souls™ Episode 0: Operation Haiti

December 2025 - 2D Action Beat Em' Up

7 years before the events of the Obsolete Souls™ RPG, the head of the Haytii Kingdom has repeating visions of the Zarragorians (deities in the Obsolete Souls™ lore) invading their world. After much contemplation he decides to take private action. Elsewhere on Earth Alpha, the princess of Treblem, Fabienne, goes missing in the night. Trails of Fabienne’s disappearance point to the allied Kingdom of Haytii, the home of her ancestors. Her mother, Queen Ertha, doesn't waste any time following this lead. Ertha heads for Haytii with a few unique soldiers in tow seeking direct answers from the King. Surprisingly, Ertha is met with great resistance on her journey...

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