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Obsolete Souls™ delayed until Fall

Here at Dennel Cake, we are committed to making stories playable and bringing worlds to life. It is for this reason that we have opted to postpone the release of our first major title, Obsolete Souls, until the fall of 2018. The decision to delay came shortly after weeks of playtesting, where it became clear that there is more work to be done to deliver a title that is up to par with our standard of excellence: bugs to be worked out until the gameplay is fluid, side quests and interactions to be added to contribute to a living world. The next few months will be hard work and work well worth it. To us, Obsolete Souls is more than an RPG; it is a showcase of everything we stand for, our line in the sand. We are committed to the project, and want to deliver the game the way it's meant to be delivered, even if it takes more time to do so. Until then, make sure to keep following for more news on Obsolete Souls, and Dennel Cake!

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