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Dennel Cake acquires music from Rami Suave for Obsolete Souls!

A perfect flow comes with a good tune, and a great game comes with a great story. The game in check? Obsolete Souls™. Dennel Cake wants to bring you into the world of Earth Alpha, and what better way to make you feel welcome than to hear the music that helps you vibe with the world as a whole. What’s the flow? The game itself. From entering your first town feeling as lighthearted as ever, to the first fight, feeling the tension as you unknowingly begin a journey plaguing you as victims of circumstance. Dennel Cake LLC, has partnered up with Rami Suave to give you a soundtrack worth listening to. Veering a bit off from the traditional standpoint of RPG tracks, Rami Suave brings a “hip-hop” delivery to Obsolete Souls™. The battles in the game will hit you with the sense of cool determination; giving you a feel for the fight. The bosses will trade in that sense of chill by placing you into a mode of concentration as you’ll try your best to overcome them. The music set a great, new mood that I wasn't expecting to find in my time playing Obsolete Souls™. The soundtrack for Obsolete Souls™ will be released alongside the game this coming Fall. Make sure to follow Dennel Cake on Facebook, and Twitter for more information regarding Obsolete Souls™, and all other

projects as well! Click the name, and give a listen to Rami Suave to get an idea of what's to come!

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