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Dennel Cake's CEO on A/V Underground!

WYDG Gaming Radio just featured our Founder and CEO, Denzel Weatherspoon, on their latest podcast of A/V Underground! Tune in and listen as YeahDudeGamer interviews Denzel, and receives some insight as to how Dennel Cake LLC, came to be as well as the hurdles it takes to achieve one’s goal. You’ll also hear some new info for what we’re working on as well as a surprise announcement for a future title! From using RPG Maker in high school, and advancing to engines like Unreal, Denzel explains his path to working on his first major release, Obsolete Souls™, and the help he's received along the way from both friends and professionals. He explains what it means to work on something you truly feel dedicated to, and how he manages to juggle all his work with proper planning. Check out the podcast on Pod Bean here, and keep tuning into our friends over at WYDG Gaming Radio.

“If I try 110% on every assignment… I’m going to get better.” - Denzel Weatherspoon

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