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Dennel Cake gets a new partner... From unTied Games!

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everyone! We hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. We want to start off by thanking everyone who’s downloaded and played Obsolete Souls so far. It means so much to us that this game is finally out! Don’t think we’re going to stop there though because we have much more in store for 2019. Dennel Cake is currently working on their title, Wonder Spectrum. Earlier this year we released an open alpha for the game with the hopes of getting feedback for improvement. (The feedback was great!) In this title you take control of Hue Rainbow as he fights off the evil organization “The Gray Reflection” and helps restore the color back to his world. We’re proud to be working with Will Tice of unTied Games who is currently assisting us as a tile artist on Wonder Spectrum. Untied Games developed titles such as Atmocopter, and Demon’s Hymn, the latter of which received 5th place in LOWREZJAM 2017 out of 232 submissions! Dennel Cake is looking forward to continue working with Will, and we're eager to jump into next year. As always, to stay informed with what we have going on, keep up with, and follow our social media pages! If you haven't already, you can download and play Obsolete Souls at! We ask that you also check out, and support Will Tice at Untied Games by visiting his website at!

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