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Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! We hope you're all enjoying the holiday. All the support we've received from you guys has been a great gift, so now we have some gifts for you!

- New Christmas Wallpapers for Obsolete Souls can be downloaded from!

- Dennel Cake is now on Instagram! Give us a follow for exclusive art!

Obsolete Souls version 1.2 is now live! Patch notes can be found inside the install package... I'll share them with you here too!

- New dialogue added into the New Egypt sidequest.

- Many bosses have had their maximum Hp reduced.

- Zach's "Salami Fest Bazooka" now costs 275 Gamia instead of 250.

- Billy's "Flaming Potenza" now costs 200 Gamia instead of 150.

- All special character weapons have been given a boost in Gamia Points, and Gamic Attack.

- Added more pictures to the art gallery.

- Various statistic changes to weapons.

- Various balance changes to characters, and enemies.

- Various bug fixes.

Happy holidays!

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