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From 2018 to 2019

Happy belated New Year’s from all of us here at Dennel Cake! We hope 2018 has been as great for everyone as it has been for us over here! We’ve had some awesome milestones last year, and we just want to recap what we’ve done so far. We'll also look at what we have in store for 2019.

Back in January we released our first title "Uncertain" which is a short horror minigame. Early into the year we were featured on AV Underground’s podcast where our founder, Denzel Weatherspoon, was able to give some information on what we had planned for the year as well as give out a few pieces of advice to those thinking about becoming game developers. Dennel Cake also had the opportunity to work alongside a few talented artists to provide audio for our titles. After months of work we were able to finalize the collaborations we had with Hip Hop producer Rami Suave, and rock band The Fight Left Inside. You can find music from both of these artist featured in "Obsolete Souls". We hope to collaborate with them for future projects as well.

Speaking of Obsolete Souls we’ve had an eventful year for our first big launch. It was early in the summer that we released the website for it, making it possible to give our fans a center location for updates, and extra goodies such as wallpapers and trailers (which we really hope you enjoyed!). We were finally able to release Obsolete Souls in the Fall, and are thrilled with the feedback we've received so far. The first wave of patches for the game were released shortly after, and more updates will be provided as this next year goes by.

As you know, we are currently in the works of our second big title "Wonder Spectrum". We were able to release an alpha testing to gain feedback. Along our journey with Wonder Spectrum we were able to make a valuable partnership with unTied Games who is now working alongside us in developing art for the game. We’re also hoping to partner up with unTied for more projects. Hopefully you'll all get a taste of a beta, or a demo!

We expect 2019 to bring us a great year. Maybe we'll get some new information on future titles such as Medallion of Sol, and Immortal Kabuki! We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. You can always stay updated by visiting us at, and by following us on Facebook!. We hope all goes well for everyone's ventures, and thank you for continuing to support Dennel Cake!

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