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Obsolete Souls™ Update 1.6! BALANCING ON BALANCING

After over a year of updates for Obsolete Souls™, I can honestly say that this is by far the best version of the game to play. There has been a whole lot of balancing for playable characters, bosses, and enemies with a focus on making the game relatively easier to finish. Not all changes have been listed in the patch notes, but the more noticeable ones are listed. All playable characters have many skills that were adjusted to cost more/less Gamia points & Trick points along with new damage equations. I think the various changes made to this version of the game will allow more casual players to reach the finish at a steady difficulty. A lot of audio has been remastered, and new animations have been added to some of the characters as well! A few stages have been redesigned, and there are a few new skills that I'm excited for people to play around with. The next update for Obsolete Souls™ probably won't surface until the summer season (unless something is found that prevents players from finishing the game). I'd like to thank everyone that has given Obsolete Souls™ a chance, and I hope that anyone trying the game for the first time enjoys their run through this new version of the game! (For those of you updating from 1.5, don't forget to copy over those save files.) Thank you!

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